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A combination of 2 very large impressive World’s Fairs/Expos collections, dating from 1851 London’s “World Expo” to 1984 “Louisiana World Exposition”. There are several items from smaller, less known events. Some of these pieces are very rare and difficult to find due to the size, location, and dates. Many items are MIB (Mint In Box). Some of the items in the auction include: Flow Blue Pates, Beer Steins, Monument Souvenirs, Trinkets, Sterling Spoons, Jewelry, Charms, Automobile Flags, Slides, Photo Items, Tokens, Stamps, First Day Covers, Large Postcard Albums, Lemonade Tumblers, Umbrella, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Pottery, China Dishes, Kings Crown, Brochures, Photo Albums, Foldout Photos, Guides, Programs, Advertising Items, Dresser Trays, Ashtrays, Whiskey Items, Bulletins, Purses, Compacts, Sewing Kits, Elongated Pennies, Matches, Ferris Wheel Items, Sky Ride Items, Stereograph Cards, Sheet Music, Book Markers, Books, Decanters, and so much more!


Incredible Vintage Toy & Collectible Summer Auction!

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